Gap analysis in preparation for certification

We can simulate a certification audit against ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AS/NZS 4801, OHSAS 18001 or ISO 45001. Thus, when the real audit is due, you are much better prepared and thus much more likely to achieve certification with fewer issues.

Gap analysis for recertification

Sometimes a system has not been maintained as well at perhaps is should have been, for a variety of reasons. These can include limited resources, redirected resources (for reasons such as due to projects) or loss of key staff who were involved in maintaining the system. We can review your system and assist in identifying the gaps, perhaps also in bringing your system up to speed, in a more sustainable way too.

Gap analysis for conversion to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 or ISO 45001:2018 standard

These new Standards are the biggest change in over a decade. They require additional things to be identified and managed and they are very much more a business-related standard. Interpreted well and implemented well they should offer much better control of and transparency for your business for compliance purposes, from the strategic level down. We can assist by carrying out a gap analysis to identify how well you are positioned against this/these new Standard/s. A gap analysis can also be an opportunity to “spring clean” your system to make it smaller and or less complex and most importantly, more effective.

Contract internal auditing

Where your resources are limited or otherwise committed elsewhere, we can assist with your auditing by sharing the load with you, either ad hoc or on an ongoing basis. This can be done by managing and overseeing your audit program, by doing most of your audits, or by mentoring your auditors to help them be more effective and more efficient.

2nd party auditing

Too often this is an under-appreciated opportunity to get to know your suppliers better and to develop a more mutually beneficial relationship with them. This concept can also be used to work more effectively with customers, particularly where they are working with your products, under a licence with you. It is also very important for WH&S and for Environmental Management systems too.
Second-party relationships is one of the seven Principles of quality, underpinning ISO 9001:2015 for example. Refer to ISO 9000:2015 for example, for further details.

Contract 3rd party auditing

We work with certification bodies on a contract basis. Through this level of involvement, we know what they require and how they work.